AI 4 Sales™ Tool School for Salespeople

We are excited to announce the second series of our popular courses that will empower sales professionals to navigate the evolving landscape of AI, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness and success within their company. These courses are presented live by expert instructors who will share, step-by-step, how to choose and take advantage of the best AI tools and services to generate more sales in less time.


At the end of each course, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of essential AI tools and strategies that will help improve sales. Each session will be recorded, and you will have access to your recorded sessions for one full year.


Join us on Wednesday, May 1, for these two indispensable courses and save – our standard price for each one-hour course is $99. Register now to attend both courses for just $99, total! As a BONUS for registering, we will send you a link to register for a free Premium pass to our next virtual AI Sales Summit being held on September 25-26, an additional $79 value!


Course 1: Leveraging LinkedIn and Your Social Proximity for Referrals (11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET) – All new material!

Your LinkedIn network and the concept of social proximity can significantly amplify your referral strategies. Our upcoming tool school, "Maximizing LinkedIn and Social Proximity for Effective Referrals," delves into innovative techniques for utilizing LinkedIn—not just through your direct connections but extending into the broader network of your connections' connections. We'll explore strategies for engaging with client connections, networking partners, and clients' other trusted advisors to secure warm referrals, craft compelling introductions, and skillfully navigate the nuances of permission for name-dropping.


Discover how to harness the power of social proximity, understanding who in your network can serve as a gateway to your prospects. Learn the art of identifying key influencers within your and your connections’ networks, and how to approach them in a manner that respects their relationships while opening new doors for your business. This tool school will equip you with actionable insights on building and nurturing a referral network that extends beyond your immediate connections, tapping into the vast potential of LinkedIn's global professional community.


Join us to unlock the full potential of your social and professional networks, transforming how you gain access to new prospects and opportunities through the strategic use of LinkedIn and the principle of social proximity. Whether you're looking to expand your client base, establish partnerships, or enhance your professional reputation, this session will provide you with the tools and confidence needed to achieve your networking and referral goals.

Brynne TillmanInstructor Bio
CEO and LinkedIn Whisperer
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Course 2: Five Ways Sales Reps Can Use AI & Automation to Close More Deals (1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET) – Your perfect introduction to Magical.

Magical is an AI productivity app that helps over 40,000 sales professionals speed through repetitive tasks like personalized messaging or admin work... In this presentation, we'll show you the tactical ways Magical can help you automate your way of selling using AI to personalize messages and automate admin tasks.

Harpaul SambhiInstructor Bio

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