What ROI can you expect?

Leave with new tools that will help you take ownership of
your mindset and enjoy these benefits:

  1. Higher Productivity Studies by Duke and Aetna found that practicing mindfulness leads to
    productivity gains of $3,000 per employee.

  2. Increased sales Dr. Shawn Achor found that salespeople with a happy mindset sell 38% more.
    If a salesperson has a $700,000 quota, the increase in sales per person is $266,000.

  3. Greater meaning A Harvard study found that 55% of employees could not meet their needs for
    meaning and significance within their company. Leaders with a positive mindset increase
    employee engagement, productivity, performance, and longevity on the job.

  4. Goal achievement A study by ASTD found that if you have an accountability partner you
    report to weekly, your chances for achieving success will increase by 95%.

  5. Erase negativity Research by NIH shows that you experience over 60,000 thoughts each day.
    And 80% of these thoughts are negative. Dr. Martin Seligman found that salespeople with a
    positive mindset sell 35% more.

  6. Longevity Dr. Becca Levy at Yale found that people with a positive mindset live on average
    7.5 years longer.

What Past Participants Say

"The mindset of our salespeople is equally as important as their skill set. Peak Performance Mindset, which
helps build a positive and optimistic mindset, was well received by our top sales professionals as a way to
help further boost their sales performance."

– Todd Albright, Chief Revenue Officer


"By applying the visualization practices and developing a positive mindset and belief in my abilities, I got
a hole-in-one on the very first hole. Not only did that experience forever change my confidence to my
golf game, but I brought that empowered mindset to the workplace."

– Christine Hanks, Account Manager

"The Peak Performance Mindset has completely transformed the way that ConnectAndSell Account
executives sell. The team went from having 25 conversations a week per rep to more than double. We
achieved the highest quarter in the history of the company. I've decided to apply the same formula and
realized my dream of publishing my first book in record time – 90 days."

– Chad Burmeister, VP of Sales

"I learned what it takes to think like a peak performer. A person's mindset truly impacts their performance.
I can't wait to incorporate this in my own sales training classes."

–  Ron S. Lavine, MBA and CEO

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