Full Name
Brittany Laurent
Job Title
Vice President of Strategic Development
IMPAX Sales Performance
Speaker Bio
Brittany Laurent is the Vice President, Strategic Development at IMPAX Sales Performance, a nationally recognized sales consulting and training organization and a 2020 Selling Power "Top 20 Sales Training Company". Prior to joining the team in 2015, Brittany was a client of IMPAX and had helped to implement the IMPAX Process at two separate organizations. Brittany has held numerous marketing positions in enterprise and SMB environments covering: product management, communications, branding, promotion, social media, and sales and marketing alignment. In her current role, Brittany is responsible for corporate brand strategy, communications and PR, social media, digital and virtual curriculum development, and other strategic initiatives. Brittany is also responsible for business development, client management, and delivering training, facilitation, coaching, and speaking services. She has worked with an expansive variety of organizations from small to enterprise-level, and is passionate about the opportunity to help sales professionals and teams accelerate sales success. Brittany holds a Bachelor degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota.
Brittany Laurent