How B2B Decision Makers are Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis
12:30 PM - 1:10 PM

Is it now "all digital, all the time" to succeed with sales growth? Yes and no. While the demand for seamless self-serve digital interactions is higher than it has ever been, the same is true of the demand for expert-driven interactions with sales professionals. Our body of research and work across industries and multiple countries reveals that, while buyers do desire improved digital interactions, their preference for "human" vs. "digital" interactions varies considerably across the buying journey. This raises the stakes for any supplier's sales and service teams to deliver a seamless buying experience – meeting the customer armed with the right information at the right time, enabled and empowered by the latest sales technology and automation. Jennifer Stanley and Marie Rowell will share the latest insights from McKinsey's ongoing research, along with some best practices to help sales leaders shift their activity accordingly and invest in digital interactions that both delight customers and drive top-line growth.

Speakers: Jennifer Stanley, Partner, McKinsey & Company Marketing and Sales Practice
Marie Rowell, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company Marketing and Sales Practice